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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Movie review of - BIG BROTHER *ing Sunny Deol

it was a lovely sat night time was 10 pm
i went to cine planet in sion to watch a movie
my options were - namaste lundon, bheja fry, life mein kabhi
kabhi, big brother
i kept wondering for 5-10 mins...which one shud i see
the tickets for all the movies were startin from 150
bux.............except big brother which was costin 100 rs
(11 pm show)..there...easy decision i said

time - 1015....i went to the ticket window...told him big
brother..he looked at me n said...big brother ticket sales
will start at 1045...i said damnnn why do they want to hav
a last min rush for tickets meanwhile i was watchin the NZ
RSA match wich was put on inside the ticket booth room

time - 1050.....i was so mistaken...there was no rush..i was
the first person to buy a big brother ticket...it was on
screen 4 wich is at a separate location from the first 3...
went there...there was no one in the gallery except 3 door
keepers...went inside theatre...i was alone..i was
scared for a second to b honest..slowly 4 more ppl trickled
in..to mak it a grand total of 5...not bad i said
the movie started..time to sit bac n enjoy

to even attempt to explain the “plot” of this disaster of a
movie is flattering it considerably, however for the record
its basically about sunny deol and his mission to get rid of
the dirt in 'samaaj' the movie begins with a sagely
voiceover (lik the ones they use for 'bhagwan') showin us a
birds eye view of mumbai and how many ppl com here
for their livelihood blah blah which sets the tone for
the 'serious' stuff ahead

the movie started with sum unnecessary comedy from raju
shrivastav......but it turned out to b the highlight of
the movie :-s after tht we saw a plump sunny deol gettin
random words lik family, brother, care, love etc etc
tattoed on his face by a mob,not even a winch
on his face durin this, i failed to understand the
significance of this scene thruout the movie

sunny deol is an auto rickshaw driver in mumbai...he
gets news tht his 'maa' is sick in hospital..he abandons
his auto and runs thru the middle of the streets towards
the hospital...wat happened to his auto?..no idea...
suddenly we shift to sunny deols home where priyanka
chopra is singin for sunny deols fathers barsi...in between
we have little flashback sequences of a bearded sunny deol
gettin cheered, hailed etc

then we hav 2 songs in succession..one a tuneless romantic
song followed by a stunningly cheap 'kudiye' type punjabi
number where u get to see the art of dancing at its best
thx to sunny deol...for sum unknown reason..most of the song
is shot with the backdrop as the LIC bldg...i did
not understand the relevance nor the meaning of this

flashback to delhi, a home ministers son throws acid at
sunny deols sisters face...we see a bearded sunny deol
runnin thru the middle of the streets again towards the
hospitals... after tht i was blessed to witness one of
the gr8est ham scenes ever...a sunny deol showing extreme
trauma after he sees lil sis's burnt out face...sunnys in
a rage(focus on his red eyes)..he needs jus a left hand to
throw a hospital bed towards the ceiling to demonstrate his
anger..phew....tht was blood boiling stuff right there!

off he goes for revenge, the aamna saamna betn jr home
minister,sidekicks and hero is in a khula maidan..sunny
punches one goon..he flies off sumwhere...he punches another..
goon glides on the ground for long distances, sunny holds an
iron rod in hand as a weapon,,,it melts and leaves an
impression of his hand on the rod (all the dead scientists
mus hav turned in their graves), sunny punches goon..goon is
buried in the soil.. evetually..jr HM is dead...leavin
HM in deep anger... but the police does nothing to sunny (it
happens only in India)

now..out of the blue...mr deol and his gang decide to clean
up delhi from all the goons and offenders to females...they
mak the hitlist of all those who hav committed crimes in the
past and fix maut ki dates for them...this is where the plot
of the movie (excuse me while i roll on the floor and LOL)...
taks a turn and sunny n gang go on a rampage throwin acid on
offenders as if its holi, they kill, they throw, they stab
day in and day out...now tht hes helpin females all over
delhi...they start callin him BIG BROTHER (poor guy)....
his gang starts distributin visitin cards which
have 'Gandhi' and his cell no writen on them, all over
delhi...btw his name in the movie is deodhar gandhi

meanwhile.....i duno how,,but remarkably the sis whose
face was burnt out has been completely restored thanks to
this amazing technology called plastic surgery..its better
than b4! one amazing scene is wen sunny taks a lawyer who
is defendin a criminal to the top floor of a bldg...criminal
is on the same location...sunny picks up the lawyer lik a
baby n throws him down the bldg...traumatised...the
criminal jumps down himself... police launches a PR campaign
to label sunny as a terrorist...sunnys maa
who encourages him to do watever he does suggests tht they
leave delhi...sunny refuses...wat we witness after tht is a
highly emotional scene and sumthin so differently unique
tht it leaves u amazed....turns out tht sunnys maa is actualy
his sauteli maa !!

shift bac to the present and mumbai...sunny has taken an
oath tht he wil never lay hand on anyone again....a local
burly goon passes cheesy comments on priyanka chopra..his
wife...sunny deol clinches fist in anger and we hear the tak
tak tak sound of the bones..but they walk off...sunny is now
this human being who is as harmless as a mosquito...meanwhile
his bro is now a police officer who slaps the burly goon one
fine day...the incompetent police officer is given the
thrashing and his sis ki izzat is looted again....in comes
sunny....maa and chopra actualy smile wen they see him...the
hope!! sunny gets into fighting mode again...pickin up 4 ppl
at a time and hurling them across the road...he punches a
goon on to a lamp post wich falls down with dramatic effects
of firecrackers made to look lik electric sparks...goons dead

sunny gets into the delhi mode again..cleanin up samaaj...he
also corrects an erring son and daughter in law who hav
thrown their parents out of the house...its pretty hilarious
how these big muscular men drive all over mumbai in their own
rickshaws doing dadagiri, cudnt the director even afford a
single jeep or maruti van? neways, sunnys sis is eventually
killed as a suicide bomber by the commissioner and home
minister...sunny taks revenge by killin them live on aaj tak

the kitchen sink production is not anythin to write home
abt...they hav actualy used paintings on large canvases and
pardas with recorded videos on them as backdrops,sunny
drives his own auto thruout the movie...its tuf to find out
the costs which were involved in makin this magnum opus...
oh yeh i forgot this item number in the middle of the movie,
which features a slutty lookin lead dancer and a host of videsi
buxom beauties available nowadays for a dime a dozen

in a nutshell, this movie might finally hammer the last few
nails into the coffin of the sunny deol action flick
legacy...the movie is pretty haphazard.....but fun to watch!!!

my verdict - **** ( A MUST WATCH :) )