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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Conceptualising the ideal life

today while travelling on my way back home in the bus, i was looking out of the window and thinkin wat lied ahead of me wen i reached home...so there was sum packed food, sum junk food, a couple of movies i was plannin to see and to read something b4 i went to bed.
so started thinkin wat wud b the ideal life i wud like to lead sumtime in the future. so here is a description of wat went thru my mind in the bus.
this would b a nice convenient bachelor's life. having a nice job wich u enjoy thoroughly. get up at 7-730 in the mornin...have a nice glass of juice and a sandwich or a quick breakfast. leave home at 830 or so and reach office by 9...no mornin traffic headaches or worries to catch a train/bus..hence mumbai is not the city i am looking at :)
hav a gud time at work...wich means having the least of responsibilities :D . leave office at 630-7...on my way back go to the grocers and pick up stuff...i wud luv to have a nice kitchen where i cud experiment with cooking. i do have a fascination of being a good cook and experimenting with various dishes :)
com bac home..put on sum music...look up the internet for sum new recipe to try out...try it out...watch tv while having dinner...catch up with frds on an unlimited internet connection :p and download movies...watch a movie/read a book b4 goin to bed at arnd 1130-12
now where wud i lik to live a life lik this...i do not like crowds or noise, so definitely not mumbai...maybe a quiet part of pune wud do...
at weekends i can continue my experiments in the kitchen...meet up with frds over a meal/movie and catch up on sum sleep/reading. maybe go for a walk sumwhere in the evening.
.............and then came my bus stop and i got off...realizing tht the reality was sumthin else...and i continued walkin bac home.......


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